Daum Foundation provides resources for the valuable next ('daum', meaning 'next' in Korean) generation individuals to promote creative and diverse ways of life by utilizing media and communications.


Daum Foundation is a non-profit organization, established in September 2001, with donations of stock options, bonus, cash, etc. by shareholders, executives and employees of Daum Communications Corp.


Media is a crucial arena in which modern society functions, and the development of digital media has touched every corner of our life in diverse ways. Such changes require us to study new fields and learn new skills. Our belief is that understanding of and the ability to creatively use the diverse forms of media as part of everyday life amid the flood of dynamically changing media are important life skills required of the next generation to live in the 21st Century. Accordingly, we encourage initiatives that promote the wiser use of media. Through that, we catalyze opportunities for the next generation, and prepare for the next ('daum') era.

Advances in information technology and the arrival of a networked society is enabling people to create and share information and knowledge more efficiently. The formulation of such new networks is impacting social institutions, human interaction, community, family, political system, the press and media, and culture. Such a revolution has positive impact in delivering a message of hope to humanity. Yet, it also poses numerous challenges, including infringement of privacy, disputes over digital copyrights, distribution of harmful information, and changes in education. Daum Foundation strives to assist making positive alternative solutions through social consensus on issues arising from the informatized society. Our goals also include enhancing the value of networks, to promote access to information communication networks that link each individual with another.

Our society has always been diverse even though some insist it only began when large numbers of migrant workers and migrant wives came to Korea. We believe 'being different' should be the source of cultural creativity and dynamism, not the cause of isolation and discrimination. Daum Foundation supports a number of projects that are designed to enhance mutual understanding and respect for 'being different'. Moreover, we provide programs that celebrate and promote diversity in our society, to enable the voices of minorities to be well heard.


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